Our corporate values describe how Frauenthal Airtank will interact with each other within the family and with our partners. Unified business culture for us, as an international group that is represented in nine European countries, plays a decisive role in our success

“Treat others the way you want to be treated by them.”

We respect ourselves, our colleagues, customers, suppliers, family and friends, all the cultures and different needs. We are sincere and open-minded. We respect different opinions that do not fit our point of view. We learn from each other.

“A customer is a king, and his satisfaction is our top priority.”

Our goal rests in understanding the needs and wishes of our customers and in offering them innovative solutions. We are proactive and fulfil every step in development and production process to the full satisfaction.

“One for all, all for one.”

Nobody is strong when alone. We are a team that pulls in one direction. Together, we can make impossible possible. We learn from each other, represent each other, work in teams, enjoy our work, and have interest in people.

“Nothing is so great that it could not be improved.”

Nobody is strong when alone. Each of us is an expert in his field and we ask ourselves every day what we can do better than yesterday. We work in teams, bring ideas, and dare to try new ones, even if we make mistakes. We want to work “more innovatively”, not harder!

We are guided by uniform guidelines

The management principles are the guidelines for the Frauenthal Group managers. They describe a common understanding of the required management at all the levels as the binding conduct guide.

We build trust and provide feedback!
We communicate clearly and openly. Every feedback is a chance for improvement.

We support workers!
An important task for each manager is to develop and bind workers who have potential. We invest in our employees and offer them extraordinary opportunities.

We develop a clear strategy and implement it!
We set specific goals to implement the strategy. Every manager is responsible for consistently communicating the strategy in his sector of the organization.

We work as a team and cooperate with others!
We use talent across departments, actively support cooperation, and build a strong network in this way.

Innovative company structure based on shared learning and solutions

Right employees in the right positions are a guarantee for achieving our ambitious goals. At the same time, we utilize the creativity and experience of each individual for the welfare of our employees and the success of our business. We want you to develop your personal strengths and we support mutual exchange. We consider common learning, innovation, and continuous improvement the foundation.

“To be a little bit better today than yesterday” is the motto of our Group and every individual.

In order to ensure the targeted development of our employees, we utilize a lot of tools for personnel development. They will accompany you and support you on your personal career path:

Talent Support
We are continually seeking the best employees with the management potential and the initiative to positively address change. We internally staff the most important positions and by doing that, we support the personal growth and responsibility.

Professional Career
In the Frauenthal Group, the professional career is deeply reinforced by a systematic career plan. During the various levels of development – from junior to senior – tasks and requirements are defined, and professional development is multilaterally supported, in the soft skills area as well. Professional play the key role in the manufacturing process and ensure the long-term success of our products and services. That is why YOUR further development and YOUR position within the company is particularly important as well.

Career of a Project Manager
Do you want more responsibility and work interdisciplinary on assigned topics? Then we have the right thing for you! As a project manager, you define professional projects, shape your project team, and successfully lead the project to the end. Here is the efficiency and benefits for the customer in the spotlight.

Career of a Manager
Understanding the management tasks means taking responsibility for your staff and for your department. Managers grow with their tasks and on the basis of good support and development programs. We support you in your career development with a rich offer of individual development methods, company-wide networks, and the transfer of competencies and responsibilities.

Trainee Program
For several years, trainee programs have been an essential element in our support of promising workers. Engaged newcomers are offered the opportunity to get acquainted with the various Frauenthal Group areas and to gather the first practical experience on the projects.

Internal Education
We educate young interested workers and apprentices with good prospect to turn them into internal experts. In addition to day-to-day key business, entrepreneurial thinking and customer-oriented behaviour are being developed. The company consists of many former apprentices and workers with good prospects who, with targeted opportunities for further education, become professionals or managers.

Move Program
The MOVE program (More Opportunities Via Exchange) was developed by the Frauenthal Group to provide workers with good prospects the opportunity to gain experience abroad. Based on the adage, “Personal development does not end at national borders”. This employee exchange program offers a chance to get acquainted with other business activities both abroad and home while working on the project basis.

Interview with an Employee
Achieving the corporate goals and thus success of the company is directly related to motivation, further education, and self-discipline of management and staff – especially in a company focused on success, such as the Frauenthal Group. An employee interview provides you with a platform to talk about your performance expectations, but also to get and receive feedback on your performance.

Employee Inquiry
Satisfaction and engagement of our employees are a central prerequisite for the further successful development of our Group! Therefore, we regularly review and determine results-based targeted improvement measures.

Company Bonuses

One of the company’s main goals rests in creating good conditions for employees, so the benefit system, work environment, and leadership style motivate them to high quality and reliable work performance. Our workers can find a lot of information and interesting interviews in our corporate newspaper. We organize corporate events for employees and their families, support personal development, and offer training and further education. In addition, we offer the Move Program within the Business-Unit Air tank business unit, in which employees can share their experiences and opinions and learn from each other.

We support balance between work and the personal life of employees and, therefore, we distribute gift vouchers for relaxation, sports, and cultural activities.

Frauenthal Airtank Elterlein GmbH company bonuses include a large number of bonuses and programs to motivate employees and reward them for their effort.

  • Bonus holiday and Christmas allowance
  • Bonus pay based on the annual results
  • Gift fuel vouchers for extra shifts, or a payment to a personal credit card
  • A grant for the acquisition of a driving licence of € 1,000
  • Bonus for good grades after each school year
  • Corporate healthcare, such as massages
  • Contribution to performance affecting property
  • Bonus payment on personal givve credit card
  • Jobbike
  • Contribution to childcare for children up to 3 years of age
  • Free of charge workwear
  • Regular corporate celebrations, such as summer holidays and Christmas celebrations
  • Regular employee interviewing
  • Possibilities for further education and qualifications

In addition to that:

  • Support for schools and child care centres and local associations, such as a sports association or a happy children association
  • Participation in charity events such as the company run in support of the association for children with cancer

Frauenthal Airtank Hustopeče GmbH company bonuses include a large number of bonuses and programs to motivate employees and reward them for their effort.

  • The weekly working time is 37.5 hours
  • Regular wage adjustments
  • Business phones and a phone tariff for up to 5 family members
  • Number of holiday days based the duration of employment (over and above the legal entitlement)
  • Free provision of workwear
  • Monthly bonus payments
  • Rewards for weekends and overtime
  • Full-time rewards
  • Meals supplement
  • Travel supplement
  • Supplements for cultural and sports activities
  • Contribution to retirement income insurance
  • Bonuses for recommending new workers
  • Bonuses for round birthday anniversaries