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Data Protection Declaration
As a user of our website, in this data protection declaration you will receive all the necessary information on how, to what extent, and for what purpose your data is collected and used by us or third parties as data providers. Collection and use of your data isstrictly regulated by the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and Telecommunications Act (TMG). We are obliged to respect confidentiality of your personal data and; therefore, we work strictly within the limits imposed by the law. This personal data is collected on a voluntary basis, providing it is practicable for us. We also pass this data to third parties with your explicit consent. For highly confidential data, such as payments or, with regards to your queries, we provide high security with SSL encryption. We would like to draw attention to the general risks associated with the use of the Internet that we cannot affect. Especially in your e-mail communication, your data is not secure without other measures and may be attacked by third parties.

Information, Deletion, Blocking
You may receive free information about personal data we store on yourself and your origin, recipient and purpose of data collection and processing at any time. In addition, you have the right to request any correction, blocking, or deletion of your data. Exceptions are represented by data stored per the legal regulations or data that is necessary for a proper business transaction completion. To be able to bloc data at any time, the data will be stored in a blocked file for control purposes. If the data is not collected on the basis of the statutory archiving obligation, we will delete your data upon your request. If any archiving obligation applies, we will block your data. For any queries and requested corrections, blocking or deletions of personal data, please contact our Data Protection Officer, using the contact information provided in this data protection declaration or the address posted in the masthead.

We use cookies on our website. These small text files are transferred from our server to your PC. They support the display of our website and help you navigate our website.

Cookies collect data about your IP address, browser, operating system and Internet connection. We do not associate this information with any personal data and do not pass it onto any third parties. We do not use cookies to install any malicious or spyware programs on your computer.

You can use our website without the use of cookies, thereby some of our displays and features will only be limited. If you wish to disable cookies, you can do this by customizing your browser. Please use its helper functions to make the corresponding changes.

You can manage cookies for online notifications with the following links: for the USA für Europa

Access Data Collection
Handing over and displaying any contents through our website requires, from a technical data point of view, collection of specific data. With your access to our website, we record so-called server logins and webspace providers. These login files do not allow any feedback to you and your person.

The corresponding information consists of the name of the website, file, current date, data amount, web browser and version, operating system used, domain name of your Internet provider, reference URL as the page from which you switched to our site, and IP address.

We use this data to display and deliver our content and for statistical purposes. The information supports the provision and continuous improvement of our offer. We also stipulate our right to additional checking of the aforementioned data, if there is a suspicion of any illegal use of our offer.

Third-Party Contents and Services
The offer on our website includes contents, services, and performance of other providers that complement our offer. The examples of such offers include Google Maps, YouTube videos, or third-party graphics. Downloading these third-party features requires regular scanning of your IP address. To enable these providers to use and save your IP address.

We strive to involve those third-party providers who use IP addresses exclusively to deliver their contents. However, we do not have any influence on which third-party provider will save any IP address. This saving may support, for example, statistical purposes. If we learn of any third-party saving processes, we will immediately alert our users.

In this context, please also respect specific data protection declarations of individual third party providers and the services we use on our site. You will find them in this data protection declaration.

On our website you may subscribe to our newsletters. We need your IP address for that. Additionally, we must verify whether you are the owner of that email address and wish to subscribe to our newsletter, while respecting the applicable laws. That is why we collect information that allows such verification.

In this context, our collected data is used to distribute and receive our newsletter. It has no other purpose and is not passed onto any third parties. Besides the information necessary to send our newsletter, we do not collect any other data.

Since sending and receiving our newsletter depends on your consent, you can withdraw this consent to collect and store your data at any time without giving any reason. Use the “Unsubscribe” link provided in our newsletter.

Personal Data
We collect personal data as part of prevention and data economy only to the extent and for as long as necessary to use our website, and as prescribed by lawmakers. We take protection of your personal data seriously, and we strictly adhere to the applicable legal regulations and our data protection declaration when collecting and processing your personal data. If the purpose of any data collection ceases to exist or a legal data storage period expires, the accumulated data will be blocked or deleted. Our website can be used without any personal data provision. If we collect personal data – such as your name, address or email address – this data collection is voluntary. Without your explicit consent, this data will not be shared with any third parties.

Please keep in mind that Internet data cannot be always safely transmitted. Especially in your e-mail communication, protection cannot be guaranteed while exchanging data.

Server Login Files
Server login information represents anonymized data that is only collected when you enter our website. This information does not allow to retrieve your personal information, but for technical reasons, it is indispensable for the transmission and display of our contents. It also supports our statistics and continually optimizes our contents. The typical login files are the access date and time, data amount, browser used to access and its version, operating system used, domain name of the authorized service provider, page from which you came to our offer (reference URL), and your IP address. In addition, the login files allow for accurate control over suspicions of illegal use of our website.

SSL Encoding
Our website uses SSL encoding when it comes to passing on confidential or personal content of our users. For example, this encoding will be activated when you make a payment and when you ask us questions through our website. Please note that the SSL encryption is activated during your specific activities. The use of coding can be easily recognized: The display in your browser line will change from “http: //” to “https: //”. Data encoded via SSL is not legible to any third parties. Provide your confidential information only when SSL encryption is activated and, if in doubt, contact us please.

Rejecting Advertising E-mails
In connection with masthead, we have to disclose our contact information per our legal obligations. This contact information is used by third parties in part to send unsolicited advertising and information. We hereby refuse any expressly unauthorized sending of promotional material of any kind. We also explicitly reserve legal actions against any unwanted and unsolicited sending of promotional material. This is especially true for so-called spam emails, spam letters and spam faxes. Please note that unauthorized sending of promotional materials may relate to the competition law, civil, and criminal law issues. Especially spam emails and spam faxes may lead to high damage claims if flooded mailboxes or fax machines interfere with any business operations.

Encrypted Payments
We secure protection of your payment transaction data. For security reasons, and for protection of your confidential and personal content, our site uses SSL encryption for your payment data transmissions. You may see whether SSL coding is activated or not. You will find the use of encoding at the browser address bar. Only if the regular view changes from “http: //” to “https: //”, the data transmission is encoded. The “https: //” line of the browser shows the use of SSL encryption, payment is now encoded. By activating SSL encoding, it is also impossible for any third parties to read your data. Therefore, transfer your data only when SSL encoding is activated.

Google AdWords
We use Google Inc.’s online advertising program on our website with Google AdWords. Conversion tracking is used as well. Using this tool, Google AdWords will place a cookie on your browser if you access our website through a Google’s ad. This cookie expires after 30 days. It does not support any personal back tracking. If you visit our website as a user, and the cookie is still active, we will know together with Google that you have clicked on a given message and been transferred to our site. Every Google AdWords customer is assigned a different cookie. Therefore, cookies cannot be traced through any AdWords customer websites.

Using conversion cookie data, conversion statistics for AdWords customers are generated. We, as customers, learn about the total number of users who responded to our message and then were referred to a website containing a conversion tracking tag. We do not receive any information that we can use to personally identify you as a user.

If you would like to stop the tracking, you can deactivate the Google Conversion Tracking cookie via your web browser. Alternatively, use your browser help for more information. For more details on Google’s data protection provisions, please visit http: //

Use of Google Analytics
On our website we use a website analysis service Google Analytics from Google Inc. It uses cookies. These are text files that by being stored on your PC allow to analyse your user behaviour with respect to our website. Cookies produce information that is transferred to some Google server. These servers are generally located in the USA, but respect the agreement on the use of the European Economic Area and shorten your IP address before it gets transferred to the United States. Only in exceptional cases is the IP address shortened after its handover to the U.S. Google will evaluate the information provided and will provide additional services to us as a website operator in this context. The detected IP address does not connect to any other Google services.

By changing your browser settings, you can stop storing cookies on your computer. However, there may be associated limitations to impressions and functionality when using our website.

Additionally, the browser plugin prevents the capture and use of cookie data. You can download the link below:

Learn more about Google and Google Analytics data protection at: http://www. or at

Google Maps Plugin
We use the Google Maps Internet plugin on our website. The Google Maps application operator is Google Inc., based in the USA, CA 94043, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View.

By using Google Maps on our website, the information about using this website and your IP address is transferred to a Google server in the U.S. and stored on that server. We do not know the exact content of the data transmitted to or its use by Google. In this context, the company denies linking the data with information from other Google services and collecting any personal data. However, Google may pass the information to third parties.

If you disable Javascript in your browser, you will prevent Google Maps from running. But then you cannot use the map view on our website.

By using our website, you declare that you agree to the collection and processing of information by Google Inc.

For more information on data protection and Google Maps usage terms, please visit:

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