Our Air Tanks Advantages are Apparent at a First Sight

Complete product range of air tanks.

  • We supply innovative air tanks made of steel or aluminium with a capacity from 0.1 to 120 litres for the entire commercial vehicle market.
  • Air tanks for industrial purposes, e.g. as tanks for pneumatic equipment or fire extinguishers. Air tanks for railway vehicles and marine systems 
  • Oil tanks, e.g. for cranes, construction vehicles and tractors

Specific Custom Solutions

  • Our custom-made components provide added value.

Intelligent Components – Intelligent Automation

  • Ready-to-fit components ensure economy by reducing the assembly time in the customer production lines.

Market Leadership / Car Accessories Market

  • We hold the leading position in the development of air tanks for trucks, buses, and tractors across Europe and, therefore, we cover almost all the supplies of steel and aluminium air tanks on the car accessories market.