Corrosion Prevention

  • Our air tanks are internally and externally equipped with the highest quality pre-engineered and painted components.
  • Thanks to the use of various powder coatings and state-of-the-art engineering technology, our air tanks are produced in the quality already featuring the finishing coat. At the same time, we meet not only the qualitative requirements of DIN standards and our customers, but we exceed them twofold in terms of surface resistance.


Service Life

  • Service life of our verified air tanks significantly exceeds the statutory requirements and specified life cycles. This is, among other things, evident in the achieved load cycles that on the basis of a test mark > 200,000 cycles exceed the standard at least 200 times. This qualitative performance strongly confirms and reflects the market and the desired application in practice.

Cleanliness by Frauenthal AutomotiveCleanliness by Frauenthal Automotive

  • Our cleanliness seal confirms the necessary internal cleanliness of our air tanks and contributes to a longer service life in a conclusive manner.