Frauenthal Airtank Elterlein GmbH’s sustainable energy concept.

On 14 March 2022, 288 photovoltaic modules with an output of 100 kWp were put into operation at the Elterlein site to generate our own electricity. Since then, we have been able to generate 47.6 MWh of electrical energy ourselves. In order to further increase the degree of self-sufficiency to date, a system expansion is planned in the coming months.

Nachhaltiges Energiekonzept der Frauenthal Airtank Elterlein GmbH

100 kWp photovoltaic system since 03/2022

In addition to our own electricity generation, both the procurement price and the basic availability of gas as an energy source have become the focus of our risk assessment in recent months. Here we are working at full speed on the recovery of process heat in order to use the waste heat for independent heating of the surface treatment plant.

The monitoring of heat recovery and other measuring points at key energy consumers are digitally integrated and evaluated in our modern Manufacturing Execution System.

Through these measures to improve energy-related performance, by the end of 2022 we will be able to produce more than 2,000 compressed air containers in a climate-neutral manner. In dialogue with our customers, we are also noticing a significant increase in interest in sustainable and ecological products. In this way, we will make our contribution to meeting European targets and customer requirements in order to minimise the impact of global climate change.