Jörg Hessler

Jörg Hessler – CEO Business Unit Air Tanks

Matthias Thalheim

Matthias Thalheim – CFO/CSA Business Unit Air Tanks

»In the automotive industry field, our line of business has a very good position. In accordance with our slogan, “We are making pressure”, we work consistently on development of a non-automotive segment, new products, and market segments.«

Company & Management

In the field of air tanks, our goal rests in expanding our extensive product verifications and services based on the product quality. Targeted investments in the automation improves our cost structures in both our Elterlein and Hustopeče production plants; on the other hand, our flexibility is steadily increasing. Also, thanks to new developments, the variety of our products has grown so much in the recent years that today, we are a flexible and powerful partner for our customers.

In parallel, we continuously increase the usefulness of our products for a customer, introduce new materials, and by doing that we further expand our services available to our customers. This whole spectrum will continue to strengthen our market position.

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